Real time in browser broadcast production. Bring your game to a wider audience in 4 simple steps.

1. Provide your audio and video inputs.

2. Create a list of approved commentators.

3. Commentators use our browser production environment where they use your inputs and add in their own audio or visuals.

4. Distribute these broadcasts yourself or we can provide distribution with monetization.

Camera men Video input urls A variety og sport fans

A world of possibilities 🌍

Languages of the world
Multiple Languages

No language is spoken by everyone. Bring in more viewers by offering broadcasts in any language. BroadStack makes it easier to onboard commentators from around the world.

Different Fans
Broader Appeal

Not all viewers have the same tastes. Create broadcasts which are more friendly to new viewers, more analytical, or higher energy. BroadStack lets you offer a variety of content to appeal to a wider audience.

Multiple Games
Whip Around Coverage

Viewers might want to keep up on different games. Remove the need for channel hopping by offering a single stream where commentators switch between games. BroadStack makes it easy to bundle games together.

How it works

Try out the demo

BroadStack provides a broadcasting environment in the browser allowing you to onboard commentators all over the world.


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